Advanced Diploma in Couples Therapy

We run a number of dedicated seminars on sex, sexuality, psychosexual therapy and couples therapy, including relationship enhancement. We endorse and collaborate with the London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy, a two year training accredited by COSRT, NCP and Middlesex University.

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Our Advanced Diploma in Couples Therapy

Psychotherapy with couples requires specific skills rather than those applicable to general psychotherapy work. This course aims to build on existing psychotherapy and counselling skills and to widen these to include systemic and psychosexual skills. We support individual students in building on, enhancing and honing their practice when working with couples. Our intention is to enable participants to work with complex and multi-faceted presentations at a deep level incorporating a variety of psychotherapeutic models within the couple framework.


January 2016 to December 2016. Times: 10.00 – 16.30 hrs. 18 days in total. For more details: see full course content.

Faculty (tbc)

Judi Keshet-Orr (Course Director), Bernd C. Leygraf, Jaap Westerbos, Anita Sullivan, Jean Miller, Dr Nisha Shah, Julie Sale, Graham Prince.


At NAOS premises, 3 Montpelier Avenue, Ealing – London W5 2XP

Full Course Content

The Curriculum includes

  • The role of the therapist in couples work
  • A psychotherapeutic and developmental framework
  • Stages of Couples Relationship: symbiosis to differentiation, practicing, rapprochement to mutual interdependence
  • Diagnosis of the couple’s stages including stress and anxiety within the couple relationship 
  • Principles for Intervention which will include managing betrayal and affairs
  • A critical review of the sexual aversion in the couple 
  • Narcissistic-Borderline couples
  • A comparison of Developmental and Transpersonal models of relationships 
  • Relationship enhancement models vs. couples therapy 
  • Mental health issues in either one or both of the couple 
  • Working with same-sex couples 
  • A culturally sensitive approach to ethnically diverse clients 
  • Parental influences

Entry requirements
Counsellors and therapists with an established practice or graduates of the London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy or an equivalent course (Relate, for example)


  • A case study of a couple of 5000 words which is submitted in
  • September 2015
  • Attendance of no less than 85% is required
  • Course director and faculty feedback
  • Peer and self-assessment

The course is held on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday. Times: 10.00 – 16.30 hrs. 18 days in total. All dates are in 2016.

Day 1 + 2: Weekend 1, 30 Saturday and Sunday 31 January, 2016
Day 3: Friday 26 February, 2016
Day 4: Friday 18 March, 2016
Day 5 +6: Weekend 2, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 April, 2016
Day 7 + 8: Weekend 3, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May, 2016
Day 9: Friday 10 June, 2016
Day 10 +11: Weekend 4, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 July, 2016
Day 12 + 13: Weekend 5, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September, 2016
Day 14: Friday 7 October, 2016
Day 15 + 16: Weekend 6, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October, 2016
Day 17: Friday 11 November, 2016
Day 18: Friday 9 December, 2016

£2750.00 (incl 20% VAT) for the year. Payments can be made monthly by standing order over 10 months. Applicants who are able to pay for the year ahead in one lump sum, are offered a 2.5% reduction in fees.

Enquiries and Application
If you require more information, please fill in an application form (click here). We will contact you as soon as possible.
All applicants are required to complete the application form. This will be followed by a telephone interview. If offered a place, a course contract will have to be completed and an initial non-refundable deposit of £100 to secure a place will be required.


£2750.00 for the year. Payments can be made monthly by standing order over 12 months. Applicants who wish to pay for the year a one off payment, are offered a 2.5% reduction in fees.


“It’s been a pleasure to study with you and get to know you over the year. Many thanks for an enriching experience and allowing me to learn more about myself.” David Piner, 2014

“I just want to say I loved our last day yesterday….all of it! Thanks Bernd and all of us for making it special.” Priya, 2014

“It was a lovely ending, very graceful, kind and elegant…” Carolyn Cowan

“Thanks for the ending. I certainly hope it’s the start of some beginnings in terms of keeping in touch. I’d love to catch up and see how things are going with everyone.” Janine, 2014

“Thank you for a great ending and a profound coming together.” Cate, 2014