Barbara Mitchels


Short bio
Barbara Mitchels has a combined professional background in law, psychotherapy and mediation. Barbara has 35 years’ experience as a solicitor of the Supreme Court in England and Wales, including advocacy and case work in advice centres, private practice, and in various local authority and government appointments. Her practice was in criminal and civil law, with a specialism in child law. Now retired from legal practice, she provides training, support and consultancy for lawyers and other professionals. As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Barbara has practice experience in a variety of settings, including work with adults, children and families in primary care and in private practice, professional supervision and consultancy, and the specific treatment of psychological trauma, in the UK and in post conflict areas. Barbara utilises the tools and skills acquired in her unusual combination of experience in active mediation work with communities, families and organisations. She provides professional supervision and consultancy for projects in the UK and abroad. She enjoys designing and facilitating training to suit specific organisational needs, with an emphasis on equality, inclusion and empowerment.
Barbara has published widely on law, child protection, mediation and therapy-related topics including the production of resources for NGO staff and volunteer helpers. See the publications page on this website. Resources include Let’s Talk: A Resource Pack for Interviewing Trafficked Children produced for UNICEF. Her book Love in Danger (2006) reflects her research on the impact of psychological trauma following war and the development of community approaches to post war healing

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