Errol Dinnall


Short bio
As a psychotherapist, Errol integrates varied therapeutic modalities to assist fellow humans to process issues that have prevented them from living a full enough existence. Errol works within a major transport organisation and has, over the past 20 years, worked with a number of trauma related presentations. Such events are life changing and include occurrences encompassing life or death situations, developmental trauma and the sequelae consequent to being assaulted because of one’s physical being. Trauma often does not present in isolation, so working with a myriad of other presentations is necessary.
Errol runs a small private practice, working with common mental health presentations. He has recently assisted individuals and wider communities following occasions of violent death.
When working with trauma, Errol is keen to bring a compassionate understanding of the impact upon self in order that positive growth can be had. And in order to facilitate his selfcare, he enjoys the writing of poetry, drawing, bicycle riding and DIY.

Errol holds an MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy. He also works as Therapeutic Supervisor and Group Facilitator.