Maria Arpa


Short bio
Founder and Chief Executive of Centre for Peaceful Solutions.
Maria has made interpersonal skills a lifetime project. Alongside a 25-year career in marketing and advertising, she developed her talent for engaging people in a healthy conversation through her experiences as a Samaritan volunteer, a counsellor, a Reiki Master and a community mediator. Maria also spent time at the sharp end, running her own business for 15 years and working as a stand-up comic for five years before becoming the Chief Executive of a Community Mediation Service. She considers being a mother of two young adults as her most rewarding communications challenge and deepest learning ground.

Maria is a published author. The Heart of Mindful Relationships was her first book. Her second is Mindfulness at Work. Maria has a Master’s degree in mediation and conflict resolution and is a sought after speaker and trainer. Maria developed a communications tool called the Dialogue Road Map, which has gained recognition amongst senior mediation professional. She is founder of the Centre for Peaceful Solution, a charity which is accredited to offer mediation and mediation training for civil, commercial, workplace, family and community disputes.

Maria’s ‘hands-on’ experience ranges from Multi-National Corporate business deals to Street Gang threats to life and everything in between. Typical cases include neighbours at war, family break up, family reconciliation, business transactions going wrong, interpersonal conflicts at work and group dynamic break down.

Maria firmly believes that reflection and mindfulness are the key to learning and transformation. She sees her role as creating the conditions in which people can choose positive change.

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