Vetta Alexis


Short bio
BSc(Hons) Psych. PGCE. Cert. Counselling. PGDip Child Art Psychotherapy. MA. MBACP.
Vetta is trained in Child Art Psychotherapy and has extensive experience of working therapeutically with children and adolescents. Vetta offers a safe contained context, within which children & adolescents are enabled to creatively explore issues of concern. These may include anxiety, self esteem, psychosomatic illness, eating disorders,trauma, bereavement and loss, and family relationships. Vetta focuses on enabling children and adolescents, by working with creative artwork, combined with dialogue and story, to explore and resolve issues and concerns.

For many years Vetta has facilitated creative arts groups with children and adolescents in hospitals, as well as doing individual work with young people with cancer/terminal illness. She has worked with children and adolescents with special needs in schools, and also with refugees and asylum seekers and with Jewish children and adolescents and their families. She also works in private practice with young people, facilitates creative arts groups for women, and teaches at the London Jewish Cultural Centre.

Theme/area of expertise: Working with children and young people who may find it difficult to use only the spoken word. In my sessions, I integrate the child/adolescent’s art images, verbal communication, metaphor and narrative as part of the therapeutic process.

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