Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching and Organisation Development

“A great program with a balanced approach for both personal and professional development. Highly recommended to anyone looking to practice executive coaching or just to explore more his or her potential.
” Peggy Antonakou (CEO Microsoft)

This programme, like many of a similar nature in the UK, is currently on hold. We shall take a reading of the situation following the projected date for Brexit March 2019. In a favourable outcome the course is likely to be scheduled from autumn 2019. Thank you for your interest.

This one year pioneering, structured programme in Executive Coaching and Organisational Development was established in 1995.

The Diploma is awarded by NAOS. Individual Accreditation with the Association for Coaching can be obtained upon completing the requested hours of coaching practice and subject to meeting all other application criteria. (please visit the AC website for more details).

The course is open to three professional groups: counsellors/therapists, coaches and executives. Potential applicants may be: CEO’s, HR Managers, Line Managers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Team Leaders, Mental Health Professionals, Therapists and Consultants. The course community is intentionally multidisciplinary so that the dialogue between the different disciplines (psychology, coaching, management) can support the course teaching. The course philosophy is integrative, drawing on mainstream coaching theories as well as more innovative ones. Course participants will undertake placements with a number of organisations; this experience will lead to a case study that completes the course.


All course dates are over Weekends, Saturdays and Sunday 10.00 – 18.00 hrs. The 3-day intensive runs from Friday – Sunday. 15 days total, 120 hours.
Dates for the late autumn 2018 intake will be published soon.

  • Weekend 1: Gestalt in Organisations 1
  • Weekend 2: Systemic Data Gathering & Principles of Natural Change
  • 3-day Intensive: Transforming Leaders and Organisations
  • Weekend 3:  The Alchemy of Conflict & The Unconscious Dynamics of Power
  • Weekend 4: The Evolution of Leadership: Theory and Practice
  • Weekend 5:  Coaching in Existential Perspective
  • Weekend 6:  Gestalt in Organisations 2
Faculty (tbc)

Bernd Leygraf (Course Director), Gill Emslie, Jaap Westerbos, Tracy Jenkins, Vassilis Antonas


3 Montpelier Avenue, Ealing London, W5 2XP

Full Course Content

Our international faculty of 5 established experts will create a new generation of professional coaches and organisational consultants, with the necessary skills to support executives, organisations and themselves in the process of transformation of their leadership in a changing world. The training places emphasis on the intentional use of self and supports participants in overcoming self limiting beliefs and behaviours, supporting them to become authentic, inspiring and creative leaders.

The course recognizes different pathways into coaching and consulting and is unique in that it combines coaching with intervention skills in organisations.

We have taken great care to ensure that the time-span, content and duration as well as the quality of the trainers and the selection of the participants reflect our passion for diversity and excellence. It is important to us that this is not just another coaching training, therefore we challenge ourselves and develop the program year after year.

Our alumni testimonials reflect this and we recommend that you read them before submitting your application. The course requires a high level of participation. The group’s attention is persistently drawn to the collective and individual process of the “here and now”, thus combining theoretical teaching with skills training and reflection at all times.

In addition to training mental health practitioners, entrepreneurs and consultants, our program has already hosted distinguished executives from companies and organisations such as ALBA, AstraZeneca, BAT, BDO, Eletson, Fweebi, Microsoft, Nike, Pharmathen, Rigips, Starbucks, Star Channel, Simply Burgers, S & B, Unilever, Vestas, Wyeth, 1Source – Aero Services, Barclays,HSBC and the NHS.

For all NAOS connection, click here to read more.

Course themes

  • Coaching Skills and Presence
  • Systems & Conflict Management
  • Data Collection
  • Gestalt
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Good Enough Leadership Existential Approach to Coaching
  • Evolution of Leadership
  • Principles of Natural Change
  • Hidden Dynamics in Organisations
  • Mindfulness in Organisations
  • Coaching and OD in Commerce

The course is open to:

  • CEO’s, HR Managers, Executives, Line Managers, Project Managers and Team Leaders within business, statutory or not-for-profit sectors
  • Counsellors, Psychotherapists and other Mental Health Professionals
  • Experienced coaches or OD consultants with or without accreditation

Since the course objective is to build and develop complementary skills, the course community is intentionally multidisciplinary. Those familiar with large complex systems will develop one-to-one skills, whereas those proficient in working with individuals will gain understanding of large organisational processes.

Entry requirements

Graduate academic or professional qualification and 1 year’s experience in OD, Consulting, Management, HR, Counselling or Psychotherapy.

In exceptional circumstances these requirements can be waived.


The course provides 120 hours of Continuous Professional Development Units (CPDU) as indicated on the certificate. The Diploma is awarded by NAOS, an Organisational Member of the Association for Coaching. Individual Accreditation can also be obtained upon completing the requested hours of coaching practice and subject to meeting all other application criteria. (please visit the AC website for more details).

NAOS can provide supervision towards completing full membership and accreditation requirements. Additional graduates of the training may consider getting accreditation with the Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners (AHPP) as OD consultant.


Lectures, tutorials and experiential teaching, skills training in small groups, observation of large group processes, case studies, guided reading.

All course participants are required to undertake a placements within organisations, and complete a minimum of 9 peer sessions. These need to be scheduled in addition to the course dates.

Placement practice

NAOS will assist you in finding a voluntary unpaid placement within one of our client companies, but does not guarantee one. The placement can be a team OD intervention OR individual coaching. In both cases 3 meetings will be required-one for data collection, one for intervention and one to follow up.


The course is taught by a highly experienced faculty, representing a wide range of theoretical approaches and disciplines. All have been selected for their ability to work relationally.

For biographies see: About Us.

Faculty (tbc): Bernd Leygraf (Course Director), Gill Emslie, Jaap Westerbos, Tracy Jenkins, Vassilis Antonas


All course participants will be provided with an extensive course handbook containing code of ethics, assessment forms, essay title, reading list, handouts and more.

Course dates 2018-2019

All course dates are over Weekends, Saturdays and Sunday 10.00 – 18.00 hrs. The 3-day intensive runs from Friday – Sunday. 15 days total, 120 hours.

Dates for the late autumn 2018 intake will be published soon.

  • Weekend 1: Gestalt in Organisations 1
  • Weekend 2: Systemic Data Gathering & Principles of Natural Change
  • 3-day Intensive: Transforming Leaders and Organisations
  • Weekend 3:  The Alchemy of Conflict & The Unconscious Dynamics of Power
  • Weekend 4: The Evolution of Leadership: Theory and Practice
  • Weekend 5:  Coaching in Existential Perspective
  • Weekend 6:  Gestalt in Organisations 2


To qualify for the award course participants will have to attend a minimum of 90%, participate fully in the course and willing to work with their own material, pay all course fees, complete a placement, 9 peer sessions and two pieces of writing: one case study of 3.500 words and one peer assessment of 2.000 words.


£3,450 (incl 20% VAT). Payable by one deposit of £250 (to reserve your place), plus one full payment of £3,200 or 10 instalments of £320 a month. Individual and Corporate Funding accepted. Some bursaries are available.

Application process

Applicants are required to complete the application form (click here). They will have to submit a CV and a paragraph stating experience and aspiration in coaching and OD.

This will be followed by a telephone interview. If offered a place, a course contract will have to be completed and an initial deposit of £250 to secure a place. The remainder may be paid in one lump sum (£3,200) or in 10 equal instalments of £320.

We have a limited number of bursary places which are allocated on a first come basis.


£3,450 (incl 20% VAT). The fees may be paid in 10 equal instalments of £320 and a deposit of £250 to reserve your place. A limited number of bursaries is available, particularly for exceptionally gifted candidates.


“This course helps to bridge the gap between the therapy and corporate world. It was enriched by the variety of tutor-experts in their field, and the practicum proved to be a transformational experience for me.” Lisa Kemsley, 2014

“Having the opportunity to navigate deeply into my personal and professional territory, during the Executive Coaching & Organisational Development Diploma at Naos, has transformed my relationship with myself and the environment that I live in. Directors, tutors and peers created a strong experimenting platform to challenge my practice and integrate the layers of my own system. Deep gratitude lives in my heart today as your presence and support allowed a constant and profound healing within all of us.” Fabian Hirose, 2014

“The NAOS approach to teaching organisational development & executive coaching is an in-depth practical, systemic & personal development training that pushed me to delve deep, learn fast & work collaboratively at the same time as honouring my own integrity. Bernd & Jaap’s warm personal presence & facilitative style make this an enriching experience that has left me feeling confident about my ability to practice in this field while continually expanding my learning. I thoroughly recommend this diploma.” Mubeen Hashmat, 2014

“An exciting course with influential course speakers and directors that enrich the year long training, very well recommended.” Sarah Waite, 2014

Older testimonials
“Working on change programmes in the finance / investment banking industry for 13 years I was looking to gain an understanding of organisational, systems and individual behaviour from a psychoanalytic perspective and to improve my coaching skills.”

“What I found in this course was a unique opportunity to learn from faculty as well as fellow students. It covered many important aspects of organisational development and coaching in depth. Its benefits continue to reveal themselves to me even now, 2 years after completion.”

“The history of coaching comes from the fields of sports and psychology, this course provides a very solid grounding in the latter. It also forms a strong base for anyone serious in self development, improvement as a leader/manager or a career as an executive coach.” Jason Millard

“I took the Diploma in Organisational Development and Executive Coaching 2006-2007. I was interested in the offering of experiential learning. Coming from a business and science background this was new to me and I must say it was not easy to adapt. On the course, I learned a huge amount about how to be a consultant far beyond any simple collection of techniques. The course has changed the way I do my work, all by helping me to be myself and being authentic with people more than I ever thought possible in a professional situation. Throw away those “How to…” books, forget the “X Steps to Consulting Success” seminars and try this course instead.” Dr Michael F O’Neill, Managing Director, Eolas Biosciences Ltd

“I came to the Organisational Development and Executive Coaching training primarily from a psychodynamic therapy and organisational trauma background. I am fascinated, enthralled, always affected by organisations and at times intimidated by them. I wanted to acquire a sharper lens to my organisational work; this was my primary objective for doing the training.”

“As a therapist I am well versed in experiential learning and so was comfortable with the delegates forming an organisation and working with the ‘here and now’. I was out of my comfort zone when working with the Gestalt approach and particularly the importance of the embodied experience as a tool for learning. As a result of the training I am much more attuned to the body and able to integrate this tool in working with individual and organisational clients.”

“Finally I gained a great network of colleagues and a few more priceless friends as a result of the training which have blossomed in to generative, enduring, relationships.” William Devine

“I’ve already started Executive Coaching. I think differently about organisations but I want to consolidate my learning and integrate it into my practice gradually. Having conducted what I consider was a successful site visit and organisational consultancy I have gained greater confidence of my organisational work.”

“This kind of experiential learning was new for me and it will take time to see how it beds in an how I can implement it in my working life. I see the value and have tried to use myself as a presence more in my dealings with clients even in my technical consulting. It is a big step away from how I have worked in the past and I hope I have the courage and tenacity to stick at it. It is very interesting to see how different my approach now is compared to colleagues who still work in the ‘consultant as expert’ model.”

“The learning experience has been fantastic. The change and personal development starts from day one. The approach of the tutors, the topics, and the support made possible for me to take the challenge and develop a better approach with my own team as well as start building my own practice as executive coach and OD consultant. Many thanks!”

“I enjoyed the variety of teaching on the course. I had wanted to find out more about Gestalt and Transactional Analysis and I enjoyed following up the information on the course with reading and putting the information learned into practice.”

“All the sessions taught by Bernd were very well constructed and informative. There was a good mix of teaching and opportunities to put the learning and theory into practice. Bernd’s sessions were extremely full and he worked us hard, but I learned a huge amount from him during this year. The handouts were excellent and the suggested follow up reading was very helpful.”

“Bernd Leygraf: Excellent and high level.”

“Mark Buckle: Good facilitator and good organisational knowledge.”

“Chris Williams: Excellent. Highly skilled facilitator and practitioner.”

“Jaap Westerbos: Excellent material.”

“Anne Litwin: I liked Anne’s work and found most of the material very relevant and appropriate for my needs as I was coming from a limited coach/consultant background.”

“Ilona Eros: Very good work, worked very well with the group…”

“Mark Buckle: Good communication skills and helped me to link what the role as Manager as Coach could look like in the work place.”

“Chris Williams: Excellent work throughout the weekend, my favourite part of the course…”

“Jaap Westerbos: I liked what Jaap brought, I thought it was alive and interesting, definitely out of the box, and had relevant to coaching and consulting.”

“Bernd Leygraf: Excellent, very engaging and challenging to work with him.”

“Ilona Eros: Very good, really enjoyed her style and content.”

“Mark Buckle: Enjoyed the session, lots of energy.”

“Chris Williams. Really enjoyed it. Very thorough and professional. Excellent handouts and preparation .”

“Jaap Westerbos. Very good quality material.”

“I think having a range of different guest lecturers and workshop facilitation styles was useful as for me. It gave me an insight into how different people think about and work in and with organisations (…) which was what I was hoping to get from the course. I also liked the fact that the learning had a practical element to it, especially the coaching diad’s and triads.”

“Bernd is an engaging group facilitator.”

” Ilona Eros: I thought this was a fabulous weekend and one of the best. I really felt that Ilona was able to tailor a weekend to each individual way in a way that simultaneously bonded us. I thought that she was a thoughtful and curious facilitator and really helped me to learn more about my interpersonal style, the paradoxes within it and how these can help or hinder my interactions with people both in the workplace and within my clinical practice.”

“Bernd Leygraf: Brilliant facilitator of the group. (He was) inclusive and listened to everyone’s perspective. Informative and knowledgeable. Didn’t dominate and feel the need to be the expert. Lovely style.”

Diploma Testimonials 2014-2015 Athens
“A mind-blowing experience for professional development and self-awareness, that no one should miss, regardless of profession. – Matina Hatzipavlou (Microsoft Hellas) 

“I was really fortunate to experience this “Executive Coaching and OD” learning intervention; a personal development and business performance improvement thesaurus; a self awareness approach revealing areas, feelings in me and others that were shadowed; a program filled with experienced educators, comprehensive in syllabus, well-balanced between theory & practice, diverse in participants’ profiles, challenging but refreshing, applicable in professional and personal life. It became the participants’ ritual for 8 months. I consider it equally fundamental for Executive Coaching, Organization Development and Transformational Leadership.” – Andreas Liakos (Mondelez)

“Our life has a different dimension now. I would strongly recommend it to the ones who know what to expect from a coaching course… However I would recommend it even more to those who don’t know what to expect …. – Stavros Pangalidis (DMG MORI SEIKI)

“That’s what I call a secure personal investment, with high Return On Investment. I feel blessed that I was an integral part of this transformational experience which will certainly be one of my personal and career milestones. Don’t try this Diploma if you don’t feel ready to start your self-exploration journey! Highly recommended…only with fastened seat belts! – Konstantinos Kintzios

“Executive coaching and OD is more than a personal and a professional skill. It’s a comparative advantage pertinent to all aspects of life. Moreover, Impact’s Diploma is a powerful tool, a straightforward answer to how one can transform and grow itself in order to meet the 21st century leadership requirements; know and be yourself, lead by example and do it authentically.” – Dimitrios N. Charalambidis (Saint Joseph Hellenic-French School)

 “Whenever I bring The Diploma in Executive Coaching & Organisational Development to mind, I can only think of it as a life changing course and a transformational experience, one that there are no words to fully describe. You have to live it to believe it… Our very carefully and wisely selected group of participants went through this experience with the guidance of highly trained educators and managed to not only keep together and come through it successfully but to also create a networking channel and a strong bond with each other. The theoretical knowledge I received, as enormous as it was, worked perfectly well with the hands on practice, providing me with an arsenal to cover even the most difficult case scenarios in coaching and OD interventions. I owe a huge thanks to each and every one of my trainers, who took me by the hand and guided me to a wonderful world of new self-awareness. This Diploma is not accidentally or coincidentally recognized as globally the first coaching training to receive Accreditation by the Association for Coaching.” – Apostolis Rountis (National Bank of Greece)

“Its visionary outlook combined with the seamless integration of cutting edge theory and practitioner insight make the Diploma a true blueprint for sustainable personal and organizational transformation.” – Christina Nishan

“A powerfully insightful and meaningfully transformative experience; well worth the time and effort. I strongly recommend you take the leap of faith and secure enrolment. Be prepared for a demanding journey towards the inner-self.” – Stella Ioannidou

 “A unique learning experience that activated my mind and heart to begin an endless exploration and realization of self-potential, having a multilevel, broader and deeper glance at myself and others; an exceptional program, with good balance between theory and practice, an amazing group of people in the room, and high caliber educators.” – Konstantina Tasiou

“Embark on this endless adventurous and meaningful journey in a vessel called resilience S/S designed to lead the way rather than drift with the tide. A risk, well taken.” – Vassilis Kafiris

Joining the diploma was an experience surpassing every expectation of mine. Very professional and highly trained instructors. Well organised and complete educational program. A demanding, over performing and challenging group of participants. Highly profiled network of alumni. It was an experience I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to go beyond “ordinary” and limitations and transform to a new self personally and professionally.” – Alexandra Prouzou

“Diploma is a blend of skills, knowledge, and process creating an immersive simulation of the reality of your situation so as to serve as an effective learning tool because it accelerates time, compresses space, and unlike reality is risk-free and specifically designed to maximize participant learning; you will immediately and directly apply this learning to a specific intervention within your organization or with your clients.” – Dr Panagiotis Chatzakos (Innora)

Diploma Testimonials 2013-2014 Athens
“I would have never been convinced, had I not experienced it for myself, how meaningful, value adding , eye-opening, life changing, (in)tense and powerful this (self)-learning experience would be. It already seems to me, that my personal and professional life is formed into: the era before and the era after the Diploma; An essential journey of transformation for those who wish to connect with and unlock their true potential. Thank you Vassilis for sharing this “gift” with me.” – Christina Vrentzou (Unilever)

Not a simple professional training course. It could be described as a long-term coaching session that provides theoretical and practical background, requires your presence, challenges your perceptions, and broadens boundaries. A powerful combination of business, psychological and self-development aspects on Executive Coaching.” – Panagiotis Tsakiridis (Media Saturn Hellas SA)

“A great program with a balanced approach for both personal and professional development. Highly recommended to anyone looking to practice executive coaching or just to explore more his or her potential.” – Peggy Antonakou (Microsoft)

A top-class, life-changing course. Mind boggling material, ingeniously organized and metabolized with an ideal balance between the academic and the experiential, the professional and the personal. An absolute must for anyone who wishes to invest in oneself as well as activate and mobilize one’s own potential. A generator of true leaders and happier people…” – Georgios Mavros

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes..!!! And this diploma is a revelation of what one is and what potentially can become, through a deep self-exploration with a pair of brand new eyes… a “risk” well worth taking!” – Anastasia Boussia

“I consider the “Diploma in Executive Coaching and Organisational Development” a very successful professional and personal investment – it was also a journey towards self-exploration.” – Vicky Moschopoulou (ALBA Graduate Business School)

A perfect journey of digging in yourself and thus becoming a better professional by developing first and foremost your inner world. If you have the chance, don’t miss it!” – Vicky Charitou

“It was not just an educational program, but a 10 month journey full of diversity, challenges & revelations for the way I comprehend myself and others. I have gained resilience, confidence, more assertiveness, focus and open-mindedness than I used to. Our reward is that we will continue to travel on a continuous path of awareness and further clarity through intermediate stations at infinity.” – Eleni Exarchou

“A training that is definitely worth attending, adding essential value on the development of Executive Coaching and Organisational Development Consulting skills.” – Alexander Sofianopoulos (Vestas Hellas)

“Joining the Executive Coaching and OD Diploma is one of the best decisions I have ever made! It is a very revealing, constructive and empowering course that contributed significantly to my personal and professional development.” – Irene Fafouti

Older testimonials Athens
“A life changing experience! Practical, thought-evoking, reflective.” I. S. – Novartis

“An exciting transformational journey! A very demanding content and a powerful process in a self-regulated context that helped me discover, explore and experience my patterns and wholeness and showed me the way to what I potentially can become!” A. V. – Starbucks

“The Diploma is an experience. It’s a personal and organizational evolution. It’s not a seminar as one might think of. You learn through your own experience of change.” N. K. – Boussias Communications

“My participation … was a unique experience. I learned a lot of new things and I improved both as a person and as a professional.” Y.K. – Microsoft

“There are really very few moments of epiphany that one has the fortune to experience in his life. This course provided everyone with at least one such a-ha moment. And it turned a bunch of individuals into one cohesive group. These two are more than anyone the one could expect from any course. It was worth both the time and the money.” D.T.

“If one wants an ‘out of the box’ transformational learning experience, this course is an exceptional opportunity. High-skilled facilitators combined with restless participants create the perfect context for one’s personal and professional development.” N.A.

“This programme was of great value for me. I was impressed by their professional approach and their commitment to driving high standards for coaching. I have joined the programme to continue developing my professional skills and I have benefited from knowing better myself and others. A special thank you to Vassilis and Bernd for the new learning experience.” K.E. – Assos

“Bernd and Jaap had a significant impact on me both as a professional as well as an individual, approaching my learning experience with sensitivity, compassion and a smile, virtually holding my hand throughout the process. Being very different from each other and complementary at the same time, they form a powerful duo (….).” Irini Chaviara

“…is always enlightening. Every time I got out of the room after the training I felt empowered and in control. I felt that through the training process I obtained the necessary skills to influence people achieve their true potential. I never want to miss any of it.” Isidoros Papamichalis

“I had the privilege to receive Coaching and OD training by Bernd, while attending the Impact Diploma in 2008. Bernd is one of the most inspiring instructors I have ever met. He also acts as a role model, incorporating all the competencies and talents a gifted coach should possess. I cannot recommend him highly enough!” Sofia Karakasi.

“Bernd is a very talented professional who creates a mandate for change by his own personal example. The experience of the training weekends we had with Bernd has gone beyond the sphere of training lectures. (…) His humor and optimistic view of life create an even stronger professional image and make him approachable and highly effective in what he does.” Fotini Fevri

“Jaap has the ability to discover things that are deeply hidden into yourself, make them tangible to you and energize you towards your personal journey to change. His strongest point is his natural belief that individuals can improve thus he supports his clients in a very effective way and creates a very trustworthy relationship.” Fotini Fevri

“Bernd is a highly skilled team process facilitator, competent in experiential training, able to sense and offer deep insights on a group’s emotional state. A valuable OD asset for individuals or teams in leadership or change roles.” Achilleas Kotrozos

“‘A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.’ (The Way of Lao-tzu.) Bernd’s – Jaap’s contribution, in showing people how to do that initial single step, is unique and transformational; it is a journey to authenticity.” Spiros Banos

“Amazing life changing experience. It’s an experience that created new dimensions in the way that I feel, communicate, act. An experience that helps me every day to be more efficient in my personal and professional life.” Dimitris Tzimas

“My experience after the sessions with Bernd and Jaap is best described by this scene in ‘The Matrix’: Morpheus: ‘This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.’ A highly recommended red pill!” Patrick Malone

“Seemed hard to believe that it is possible someone to ‘flip you over’ in a few days the way Bernd and Jaap did. An intense and in the same time fulfilling experience with a life-shifting effect…” Eleni Liakou

“Bernd opened up a new world for me… one of self-reflection and awareness. He is a highly experienced trainer and possesses profound insight into the human psyche. His teaching not only equipped me with tools, skills and knowledge but also lead me on a journey within, providing me with a deeper and better understanding of myself.” Maria Moragianis

“The coaching sessions with Bernd Leygraf and Jaap Westerbos are a life-changing experience. The out of the box teaching methods and their humanistic approach assure exceptional results.” Nefeli Athanasiou

“Bernd provides both the support and the challenge needed to explore yourself in-depth. His insightful feedback helps you realize strengths and weaknesses and move forward feeling stronger.” Dimitra Karatolou

“My future is not what it used to be. The Diploma in Executive Coaching & Organisational Development has been a refreshing, integrative and self-expanding experience. Through an excellent mix of educators, participants, topics, teaching approaches and practical implementation it provided a unique environment to learn, grow and experience the fields of Executive Coaching and OD. The immediate and continuous application of the course content in my job and personal life reminds me daily the great value I received. I strongly recommend this diploma to leaders, managers, educators and consultants.” Dr G. Diakonikolaou

“The Diploma in Executive Coaching has enabled me as a sales director in the IT industry to gain new and valuable knowledge and experiences. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in shaping and leading the organizations of tomorrow.” C.P. – Microsoft

“The Executive Coaching and Organisational Development Diploma gave me the opportunity to develop as a person and as a professional. I have already started to apply the material to my everyday professional and personal life. Theory and practice were delivered in a value adding blend. I’m happy for my decision to attend the course! I. P. – Star Channel

“The Diploma in Executive Coaching has been a unique and perspective-shifting learning experience. It combines a solid curriculum with hands-on practical training. Strongly suggested for professionals looking to gain a competitive edge on the Executive Coaching field.” K.L. – Microsoft

“I would highly recommend this course to leaders who strongly believe that it is people and teams that deliver business results (or not). A.K. – BP Europe

“The course started off as a professional challenge for most of us as we were introduced to new theories and practices but slowly it evolved into a personal journey which proved to be life changing for all of us.” M. M. – ALBA

“The course is not just a unique learning experience but also a lifetime experience. An excellent choice of teachers, modules and team members.” S.K.

“The experience I had as a student of Bernd and Jaap had a great impact on me.” M.D. Athens-2012

“Working with Bernd and Jaap during the diploma was a life-changing experience. Totally far from platitudes and clichés and with their infectious passion for developing people, they peel away the mystery that surrounds Leadership and Coaching. Having the gift to engage with each individual at a level which that other person finds motivating, they manage to fuel your curiosity and cultivate your wisdom. Both, very-very highly recommended!” P.N. Athens-2012

“Your intervention has changed my perspective more than anything else, ever.” P.N 2012

“The weekends we worked together were my favorite ones, the pure essence and success of the Diploma in Executive Coaching & Organisation Development. It was the best opportunity to decode ourselves. I thank you for your presence, your being and the way you energized “buttons” within us, within our hearts.” K.K. Athens-2012

“One of the best professional trainings I have attended.” G.T. Athens-2012

“You managed to make the course highly experiential, a unique learning experience. The entire course has been a really powerful and transformational experience for me and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to develop self-awareness and become a better person and leader.” D.P. Athens-2012