Long Term Training

NAOS recognises the many different pathways into professions. In line with Prof. Petruska Clarkson thinking on ‘schoolism’ we offer a ‘meta’ framework which transcends the traditional theoretical perspectives (psychoanalytic, Gestalt, Object Relations etc). Instead, each of our students is supported in developing their own idiosyncratic way of working through an individually designed training programme. This may involve undertaking a number of our training programmes in sequence, culminating in accreditation with UKAHPP, BACP, UKCP or other accrediting bodies.

An example: Judith wants to develop a coaching practice, focusing on coaching couples into healthy relationships; ideally she would like to be able to work with couples through couples retreats/groupwork. Her training portfolio with NAOS includes our Advanced Diploma in working with couples plus our group based training in group facilitation and conflict resolution. She would receive supervision from NAOS and in her final year of training will apprentice during one of our training courses. Ultimately she would accredit with one of the national accrediting bodies.

This would be different and unique for each trainee who would like to work with us for a few years. Throughout those years you will be guided and supervised by Jaap, Bernd or one of the course directors.

Full Course Content

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