Bernd C. Leygraf

Director NAOS, psychotherapist, trainer, OD consultant

Short bio
Bernd Leygraf co-founded a number of organisations (London Men’s Forum, UK Standing Conference on Sexual Abuse of Men, the Centre for Personal and Professional Development, the Whittington Hospital Psychotherapy Clinic, the Hungarian Gestalt Association, NAOS Institute). He co-authored with Judi Keshet-Orr the first MSc in Humanistic Psychotherapy and the first Masters programme in Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy in the UK. He also authored or co-authored, as well as led, several masters programmes in the UK, primarily at South Bank University, Middlesex University, Westminster and the University of Surrey. He was external examiner to various universities in the UK.

A former Chair of the Professional Standards and Accreditation Board at the European Association for Counselling, and Ethics Committee of COSRT, Bernd works currently with trainees, from over 40 countries. he is familiar with and interested in working with issues of cultural difference. He is fascinated by the work of Mindell and more recent developments in constellation theory. His principal influences in sexological and couples work are David Schnarch, Joseph Zinker, Ellen Bader, Judith Hemming, Joan Lachkar, Judi Keshet-Orr and, as ever, his clients. Bernd is proud to have supported – alongside Judi – a significant number of sex and couples therapists in shaping their own professional identities and careers – both in the UK and further afield; some even have moved into offering specialist sex addiction clinics; others are now trainers in this field in their own right. Bernd is delighted to be (founder and) Honorary Member of the Hungarian Gestalt Association. Clinically speaking, from 2017 Bernd focuses on working with celebrity clients and on men in leadership, both nationally and globally.

Personal quote
The unknown, the unforetold, the unproven, that is what life is based on.

More Information

Bernd is, from my experience, rare in that he is an excellent Psychotherapist and life coach. Bernd’s coaching and counsel helped me overcome the loss of my parents and to achieve the life that I have always wanted, including setting up a successful international business. He is technically excellent, but more that, he actually carers about those that he helps. James Ashwell 2014

Bernd is one of the most dynamic people I know. He has wisdom, experience and is an excellent communicator and teacher. I appreciate his honest, direct and open approach and this is tempered with compassion and discretion. As a colleague he has been immensely supportive, offering advice where needed. He’s phenomenally busy, I never know how he fits everything in, but seems to thrive on multi-tasking. Dominic Davies 2014 

Bernd was my trainer and mentor 20 years ago. I am currently fortunate enough to work very closely with him, since he is Impact’s Training Director. It is a challenge to convey the value and impact of his work and interventions in a written testimonial; it would however be fair to indicate that I have yet to meet anyone who has remained untouched by them. He has been, equally, a source of inspiration and a source of envy, gently pushing me and thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of others to improve and evolve. Not just a highly recommended consultant, psychotherapist and trainer; one of a kind. Vasilis Antonas 2013

I first met Bernd through his work in the NAOS Institute- an organisation providing quality training in psychotherapy, coaching and relational spirituality. I was touched by Bernd’s depth of experience in professional practice, his sensitive way of working with humour and his ability to bring innovation to his clients. I highly recommend Bernd as a coach, therapist and professional trainer. Steven D’Souza 2012

Bernd is a wonderful individual who has a deep and heart felt understanding of the workings of the human soul and psyche. He has the ability to use humour and warmth to put people at their ease to allow them to relax and open to the cathartic psychotherapeutic healing that he facilitates. Blessings. Nixie James-Scott 2009

Bernd is a fantastic supervisor, his deep knowledge copled with respect for the individual means he has been able to understand me, hold me and help me achieve many of my goals. Thank you. Simon Bloom 2009

I met Bernd in the context of the Diploma in Executive Coaching where he served as the Director of the course. Bernd has a deep knowledge of his discipline leveraging the variety of his experiences to deliver a remarkable result. He challenges respectfully the status quo and creates the room for team and personal development. His intellectual horsepower allows him to deliver both as a individual coach as well as an OD consultant. Kostas Loukas 2009

I found Bernd by accident – recommended by a friend of a friend – when I was looking for someone to deliver regular training for The Forgiveness Project prison programme facilitators – and it was a very happy accident! He is the best trainer and group facilitator I’ve ever worked with. This is because he engages deeply with each individual in a dynamic and real way. His training approach is a perfect mix of tough yet tender, authoritative yet questioning, challenging but without being confrontational. He is one of those people who make you think a little differently about the world around you, and yourself. I’d highly recommend Bernd as a trainer, group facilitator, and supervisor. Marina Cantacuzino Director The Forgiveness Project 2009

During the period 2008/2009, I followed the course Executive Coaching and Organizational Development. Bernd was one of the teachers learning us about; Gestalt/Coaching and Consulting. Bernd’s presence makes a difference. With his authentic approach, charm, effort, energy, warmth, enthusiasm and ability to identify your blind spots; ‘things’ will start to move! His communication style and ability to confront people (in a constructive manner), both impressed and touched me. I will definitely work with Bernd in the future, as I know the result will be remarkable! Thank you Bernd for the insights you gave me. I am looking forward learning more from you in the future! Warm regards, Ellen Vaneker 2009

Bernd is my coaching supervisor. His insight and support has been invaluable in my personal and professional development. I also attended and his course in Organisational Development and Executive Coaching at The Grove in 2006. It provided me with a solid base by which I built my business coaching career. Jason Miller 2009

Bernd is an excellent trainer and is a great asset to organizations both large and small. His clinical experience is comprehensive and his work intelligent and thoughtful.
Bernd is a reliable and highly competent facilitator and practitioner. Judi Keshet-Orr 2009

Bernd teaches a huge amount about how to be a consultant far beyond any simple collection of techniques. The course has changed the way I do my work, all by helping me to be myself and being authentic with people more than I ever thought possible in a professional situation. Michale O-Neill 2008

As core-tutor during my psychotherapy training Bernd took a genuine interest in all aspects of my professional development. His support has extended beyond my training and has been invaluable as I found my feet as a nascent therapist. I’ve been fortunate to have co-tutored with Bernd in Budapest, experiencing a generosity toward my own learning curve and a recognition and respect for my own insight and abilities. Bernd is highly professional, likeable, intuitive, nurturing and boundaried. Glenn Nicholls 2007  

Bernd is highly visionary and creative. He has a clear understanding of the sector of psychotherapy and counselling training, including current trends and developments. He has excellent inter-personal skills, and already has good relationships with many people in the field. I valued Bernd’s input and conscientious approach, and found him highly supportive in setting and working towards objectives. Diane Finch 2007