NAOS works across different disciplines. We are dedicated to support the personal and professional developments of pioneers and change agents within therapy, organisation development, community building, mental health and within faith communities. We aim to be inclusive in all we do.  We offer three pathways:



NAOS provides a variety of high impact courses ranging from one-day introductory programmes to longer-term nationally accredited vocational trainings. All courses are intended for personal and professional growth and leadership development.

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Therapy and Supervision

NAOS offers support to individuals and couples through counselling, therapy, supervision, psychosexual and couples therapy and mental health assessments. We integrate many theoretical approaches into one cohesive, relational way of working.


Organisations and Communities

NAOS focuses on the development of commercial and non-profit organisations and communities. We deliver sustainable, creative and transformational responses to all kinds of problems, including conflicts, leadership issues and transitional periods.


David Piner

Introduction to the Advanced Diploma in Relationship Psychotherapy


David Piner

Background to the work on the Advanced Diploma in Relationship Psychotherapy


Jonathan Angell

Graduate of the Advanced Diploma in Relationship Psychotherapy


Carolyn Cowan

Graduate of the Advanced Diploma in Relationship Psychotherapy


Graduates 2022

Graduates of the Advanced Diploma in Relationship Psychotherapy


  • “Bernd is a very talented professional who creates a mandate for change by his own personal example. The experience of the training weekends we had with Bernd has gone beyond the sphere of training lectures. (…) His humor and optimistic view of life create an even stronger professional image and make him approachable and highly effective in what he does.”

  • Bernd and Jaap had a significant impact on me both as a professional as well as an individual, approaching my learning experience with sensitivity, compassion and a smile, virtually holding my hand throughout the process. Being very different from each other and complementary at the same time, they form a powerful duo (…).

  •     By far the most comprehensive, valuable training I have experienced. Hugely beneficial to my practice. NAOS is professional, the tutors are exceptional, the venue is delightful.

    Student 2020
  • Bernd is the perfect blend of a supportive yet challenging tutor, his humorous nature allows him to gently prod me to take those risks necessary for growth. He is a very relational and interactive teacher and an expert at merging theory with practice. My experiences as his student are embedded for life!

    Student 2020
  • There are really very few moments of epiphany that one has the fortune to experience in his life. This course provided everyone with at least one such a-ha moment. And it turned a bunch of individuals into one cohesive group. These two are more than anyone the one could expect from any course. It was worth both the time and the money.

  • "Captivating, enriching, empowering, insightful and should be mandatory training for every therapist!  Excellent course, excellent tutors, a wondrous experience that has been truly life altering. I know I now have so much more to offer my clients and I now feel more able to do so. I am deeply grateful to NAOS for all their support and for providing such a profound opportunity for personal and professional growth and transformation."

    Student 2019


Upcoming Courses

A new course in Addiction Psychotherapy

We just launched this new 2 year Diploma in Addiction Psychotherapy. More than ever people suffer from addictions. Click here

6 days: A Systemic Approach to Sex and Relationships

A 6-day, 42 hours CPD training over 3 weekends with Dr Joanne Collins, that integrates systemic therapy with relationship and psychosexual therapy. Starting 17th Sept 2022.  More information, click here