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Our mission

NAOS offers a multi-disciplinary approach to individual and collective development. Our students apply this in counselling and psychotherapy, group work and community building, leadership, organisation development and spirituality. The essence of working with NAOS is a high level of self-awareness and ‘being’ as a foundation for relationship with others. Together with our students we aim to grasp the relationship between inner work and collective change. We support this through the acquisition of practical skills (skills of doing) and through developing a stronger sense of purpose and meaning (skills of being). Studying with NAOS requires a profound commitment to learning. We are dedicated to an ever deepening enquiry into the nature of life, work and relationships and the dance between being and belonging. Our philosophy to learning is beyond any form of ‘schoolism’.  We enable our students to grow beyond themselves and to become inspiring leaders in their professional or personal way of life.

Most members of our faculty are accredited by organisations such as BACP, COSRT, AHPP, UKCP, RIMA and AC.

NAOS people

Bernd C. Leygraf, UK

Founder-Director NAOS, trainer, psychotherapist, OD consultant

Jaap Westerbos, UK

Founder-Director NAOS, counsellor, trainer, writer, OD consultant

Judi Keshet-Orr, UK

Tutor, Couples Therapist

Dr Anne Litwin, US

Tutor, executive coach and consultant

Anastasios Argyropoulos, UK

Tutor, Couples Therapist

Effie Soultani, UK

Couples Therapist

Susie Orbach, UK

Visiting Tutor

Keeley Mardon, UK

Social media representative NAOS, tutor

Mark Hamlin, UK

Course Director

Dr. David Schnarch, US †

Visiting lecturer

Dr. Joan Lachkar, US

Visiting lecturer

Dr. Ruth Morehouse, US

Visiting lecturer

Hattie Berger, UK

Course Director Diploma in Trauma Therapy

Anne Webber

Tutor, OD Consultant, Executive Coach

Zia Ali

Tutor, Youth Coach, Researcher

Prof James Leachman †

Tutor, Catholic Benedictine monk and priest

Marcus Sorensen

Course Director