NAOS aims to be a community of learners focused on working with the intentional use of self. We honour the different pathways that bring people to us. Some people study with us for a year, others embrace a tailor-made programme of three to four years. NAOS is profoundly committed to supporting people in transforming themselves into unique, idiosyncratic practitioners. We embrace diversity in our faculty and student body.

Currently we offer the following courses:

Diploma in Clinical Supervision and Consultancy

Integrative, in-depth, relational, diverse

Diploma in Group Facilitation, Conflict Resolution and Leadership

Learning how to build bridges between people

Diploma in Trauma Therapy

A pioneering professional training in how to work with the process of trauma in a relational way

Our First 1000 Days – Pre and Perinatal Psychology

How to integrate the earliest experiences of life

Lectures, One Day Courses, CPD Events

To inspire and develop Mind, Heart and Soul

Advanced Diploma in Couples Therapy

Widen your therapy skills, to include systemic and psychosexual issues

Long Term Training

For people who want to train with us for longer time with mentoring.

The path to authentic living and working starts at the core of the human heart. Inner change leads to outer change. True learning, personal development and transformation however, only take place in relation to others. All our courses are experiential and relational, focused on achieving a strong ‘fit’ between intention and impact.

With some courses established in the early 1990’s our graduates now number in the thousands. We have collaborated with a number of universities in the UK and abroad and are accredited by a wide range of professional bodies. For testimonials, click here.

As a course provider NAOS is accredited by the National Council for Psychotherapists (NCP)NAOS works in collaboration with Impact (Greece), The Forgiveness Project, London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship TherapyEaling Abbey, One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. We are an organisational member of the European Association for Counselling.