Examples of recent work

  • We worked with the global, national and regional leadership teams of one of the world’s largest banks
    (China, UK and South East).
  • We helped an organization with the process of integrating an immigrant workforce (Israel).
  • We set up a leadership training programme for senior managers in a city council (Sweden).
  • We addressed gender equality in a multinational telecommunications company (US and Europe).
  • We worked with the World Health Organisation and the German Ministry for Culture to increase
    awareness of men’s health issues (International and Germany).
  • We helped set up the first MSc programme in Homeopathy in the UK.
  • We established a postgraduate training programme for medical professions (Sri Lanka).
  • We developed child protection policies for UK religious communities.
  • We consulted to members of the episcopate in Kenya.
  • We developed national child protection policy in Sri Lanka.
  • We set up a new training initiative for clergy in Sri Lanka.
  • We set up an internal coaching culture with organisations in Slovenia and Hungary.
  • Consulting a grassroots organisation working in conflict resolution, reconciliation and victim support (UK)
  • Supporting a monastic community to work through trauma and inspire new developments
  • Contribute to clergy and monastic formation at a training Institute in the UK working with students from over 40 countries (International)
  • Trained a monastic organisation in deeper listening skills (Africa, Asia, Germany)