Dr. Ruth Morehouse

Visiting lecturer

Short bio
Ruth Morehouse is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist (awarded Diplomat status in recognition of her extensive professional experience). She is Co-Director of the Marriage and Family Health Center (MFHC). Dr. Ruth has a keen interest in working with couples and families. She spent ten years as Director of Inpatient and Outpatient Psychological Services at a large inpatient/outpatient family-centered psychiatric facility in New Orleans.

At the Marriage and Family Health Center, Dr. Ruth conducts Crucible® Intensive Therapy sessions with couples from around the world. She is a seasoned therapist with expertise in a wide range of areas including sexual difficulties, recovery from affairs, depression and anxiety, step-parenting issues, overcoming psychological trauma and dealing with the impact of acute and chronic illness. Ruth co-leads the Passionate Marriage® Couples Retreats and Couples Enrichment Weekends. She created the Crucible Women’s Retreats in 1995, and she’s been conducting them ever since.

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