Gladeana McMahon


Short bio
Gladeana McMahon is a three time award winning coach, voted UK Coaching Person of the Year 2010, who is considered one of the leading transformational and behavioural change coaches in the UK. She combines academic rigour with down to earth communication skills and holds a range of qualifications and accreditations as a Coach and Therapist.
She has been instrumental in helping found the Association for Coaching, the largest professional body in the UK, for which she holds the positions of Fellow and Chair UK. She is also a Fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, the Institute of Management Studies, Association for Coaching, International Stress Management Association and Royal Society of Arts.

An innovator, Gladeana is one of the UK founders of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and an internationally published author with some 20 books of an academic and self help nature, 30 chapters and 250 articles to her name. She coaches CEO’s and Directors as well as politicians and those in the media to master the psychological and practical complexities of 21st century corporate life. Gladeana believes coaching is only successful if it adds to the bottom line for organizations and helps individuals create successful measurable outcomes whether professional or personal.

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