Razia Aziz


Short bio
Born in London to Indian Muslim parents, Razia spent the first six years of her life in West Africa, and on returning to the UK had the experience of being an ‘immigrant’. Growing up on a staple of anti-imperialist and feminist ideas, these formative years ignited a life-long interest in, and engagement with, questions of diversity, equality and inclusion.
Though Razia went to Cambridge to read Natural Sciences, she came out with a first class degree in Social and Political Science, and went on to gain an MPhil in Development Studies at the University of Sussex. She has since sought an ever deeper understanding of human nature from psychological, social, global, organisational and transpersonal / spiritual perspectives.
Razia has studied and worked professionally in the field of diversity, equality and inclusion professionally for over 20 years as a researcher, writer, coach, consultant, trainer and facilitator. During that time she has gained Advanced Diplomas in Integrative Counselling and Executive Coaching and become a Licensed Practitioner of the Trager Approach (bodywork). Latterly (2010) Razia co-founded, and became co-Director of, the Equality Academy a vehicle for offering quality coaching, consultancy and training to the corporate sector.
Over this whole period, Razia has worked in, or with, a vast array of organisations from unfunded community groups to FTSE100 companies. Alongside her training, coaching and consultancy work, Razia has also maintained a one-to-one private practice as a voice coach, Trager practitioner, spiritual counsellor and independent (non-denominational) minister. She has continued in her life-long love of singing, composing, writing poetry, recording and performing.
As a mother, creative practitioner, spiritual seeker, professional and breadwinner, Razia seeks out, and deeply appreciates, the process of bringing the many aspects of her life into dynamic balance.

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