Thomas Spiers


Short bio
Formally Head of London Undergrounds Counselling and Trauma Service, Thom has edited a book on the model of trauma counselling once undertaken there.

For the last twelve years he has worked as Employee Assistance Programme leader for a Multinational Company, establishing psychological support services for employees across countries and cultures in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

As a therapist, his professional practice is focused on assisting people in situations of enduring threat. Much of his work involves responding to pandemic crisis and civil disorder and their consequent traumatic impact. He has recently worked in Japan following the tsunami, Egypt and Thailand during political unrest and most recently in the Ukraine.

He has a keen interest in developing creative social and community responses to trauma. He was recently awarded a European Union sponsored mentorship with ‘Theatre of Witness’ as part of the Peace 111 programme for art and social justice in N. Ireland.